Naming, branding and interior design for a restaurant/cantina located on Altavista Ave. in San Ángel, a very nice colonial neighborhood on the southern part of Mexico City which is also home to Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera's home/studio and various crafts shops, galleries and restaurants. 

Bartola is named after San Bartolo Coyotepec, a small town in the center of Oaxaca famous for its black clay pottery known as Barro Negro. In addition, Bartola is the name of a famous Mexican song from traditional singer/song writter Chava Flores. 

Bartola offers a wide range of traditional Mexican dishes cantina style as well as an impressive mezcal and tequila bar. The second floor has a smoking lounge, a DJ booth and a small stage for live Mexican music, ideal for private events or just to hang around, have a drink and listen to good music. 

Inspired by Mexican arts and crafts like barro negro, bejuco and exposed brick walls, I teamed up with TUUX and Mireille Frangos for the interior design of the restaurant and we were able to tailor every aspect of it, from the patterns on the walls and ceiling, to the tables, chairs, drink bars, lighting, coat hangers, uniforms... and a long etcetera. 

Branding, Naming, Art Direction. 
Design: Quique Ollervides & Mónica Munguía.
Interior Design and manufacture: TUUX, Mireille Frangos and Quique Ollervides. 
Photos by Edgardo Contreras.
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